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Does Leaflet Distribution Work


A door drop campaign has the kind of immediate impact other mediums can only dream of, and has been proven to generate fast and measurable responses. It is very cost effective as there is no duplication of the recipient, and unlike any other kind of marketing you are specifically targeting the households that fit your demographic profile. It also carries a rare flexibility that allows you to target your activity from either a single street, right up to every street in the UK. Proved time and time again as a medium that gets results fast.

There are two main uses for a leaflet distribution campaign: strategic and tactical.

The following are just some of the main objectives:

• Advertising your services and products
• Generate the trials of new products
• Increase you retail or online traffic
• To let potential customers know of your seasonal promotions and sales
• Increase awareness of your cost effective brand
• Secure new clientele and thus build your customer database


Devon Leaflet Distribution
Devon Leaflet Distribution
Devon Leaflet Distribution

Proof That Flyer Distribution As A Marketing Tool Really Works

 The following are examples of popular misconceptions regarding flyer distribution:

Misconception: Doorstep distribution will have not have any impact on the effectiveness of you campaign. In reality 88% of those who have received a flyer or leaflet through the door said that they boosted their awareness of the products or services a company offers.

Misconception: The response rates from door drops are lower than direct marketing material.
In reality the response rates for leaflet drops compare well against those from direct mail, with an estimated response rate of 32% compared with the 16% estimated for direct mail.

Misconception: Door to door flyer distribution carries a very low response rate. In reality 70% of businesses to a recent survey say that by switching to us for all their leaflet distribution campaigns in the past 12 months they have recorded a great increase in response to their flyer delivery campaigns and that leaflet distribution by CLD plays a vital role in their company’s overall marketing strategy.

Misconception: Flyer distribution fares poorly when compared to TV, press or direct mail. In reality door drop marketing has a higher ROI rating than press, TV, radio or online advertising and 34% find this medium to be highly effective. This information comes courtesy of research carried out by DMA,(The Direct Marketing Association) in April 2010. The full findings of the research can be found at DMA.

Door to door flyer distribution is the most received channel of communication when it comes to recall at 88%. This compares to 60% for direct mail, 59% for TV and 36% for online ads. Leaflet drops drive a response rate of as much as 50% more than online advertising, and has a higher response rate than direct mail does:  Doorstep leaflet distribution is the type of marketing more people will respond to ahead of television, ads in newspapers/magazines and online. Our leaflet distribution campaigns offers all businesses large or small a unique opportunity to get the message across by delivering a hard hitting campaign and effectively calling potential customers to action. By taking a pivotal role in an integrated marketing campaign flyer distribution can be easily coordinated to complement a campaign in print, or on the radio or TV. It is also a very useful and proven idea to use door drops as a follow up strategy in order to either reinforce or build on a campaign message you are sending out via multiple media channels. This will help you achieve even higher levels of customer response and recall.

Mass leaflet distribution right to your target audiences home benefits from the fact that it is a tangible item in someone’s hand and as far as a business is concerned, this is a win-win situation. There is no other medium that puts you in such direct control when it comes to contacting your target audience. While there may be a minimum number of leaflets in a drop the total amount circulated can be flexible dependent upon how many households there are in your target area. A colorful informative flyer that has an impact delivers its information directly to the consumer allowing them to read it and then act upon it.  

How To Select The Best Method Of Door To Door Flyer Delivery For Your Business

 There are several ways in which you can make your leaflet distribution campaign reach its target audience. As delivering thousands of flyers yourself may simply not be an option, the following are the most popular methods currently used by us.  

Blanket Leaflet Distribution. Blanket leaflet distribution offers multiple targeting options in one campaign. The targeting options for blanket leaflet distribution are door to door, hand to hand and face to face. Blanket distribution has the ability not only to target properties through the letterbox but also to place leaflets direct in to potential customers hands. This service brings the highest response rate for our customers.

Solus Leaflet Distribution.  Solus distribution means your leaflet delivered on its own and generally it costs more but you are then guaranteed that only your leaflet will land on the doormat at that given time and not be part of a shared leaflet distribution. Businesses find this method yields the best results with high response rates. Many businesses that have switched to us from Royal Mail are very surprised at the higher response rates they get with us, this is because Royal Mail will nearly always deliver your leaflet within a bundle of other leaflets and as much as 10 at one time has been reported. Royal Mail does not offer this solus service.

Shared Leaflet Distribution. Our shared leaflet distribution service means your leaflet delivered with up to 3 other non competing leaflets. We guarantee on this service to only deliver your leaflet with up to 3 other non conflicting leaflets. Shared leaflet distribution is not available in all areas so please check that this service is available in your distribution area by Contacting Us

Devon Leaflet Distribution
Devon Leaflet Distribution
Devon Leaflet Distribution

An Example Of How To Use A Postcode For Your Target Area

  When you look at the various letters and numbers that make up a postcode, many of us just dismiss it as being something assigned to the street we live in. There is more to it than that however.

Take, for example, the postcode SL6 7QY.

• The area SL has 159,118 properties
• The district 6 has 34,576 properties
• The sector 7 has 3,343 properties
• The last letters, QY, indicates the street which may have 50 homes 

This information helps you to break down your demographic target area. The district or entire area is what most businesses target. Having this information can help you greatly if you are a new start-up business travelling to clients (i.e. hairdressers, gardeners etc.) and you aren’t sure of the town you are looking to expand into. Most door drop campaigns are based on postcode sectors.T here are 11,192 postal sectors in the UK and of these the Royal Mail covers 98%. Free newspapers cover 75%, and other national flyer distribution companies cover around 90%.

Devon Leaflets cover 100% of Devon 

The Science Behind Leaflet Distribution Targeting

 When it comes to precise targeting and accountable responses, door drops are up there among the best. Advertisers are able to customise their flyer distribution to match any specific objectives they may have in their campaign by using sophisticated and data driven systems for targeting. This allows you to supply different geographical targets and create unique messages as they can be customised to fit that exact  
customer database profile. It doesn’t matter if your campaign is to be national, regional or local, effective planning for your target area is vital. 

Timing is also all important. If you have a sale or seasonal promotions coming up contact us as soon as possible as you may not be able to choose the delivery slot you are seeking. Another timing issue that is just as important is the day you choose you to have your leaflets delivered. If you have a special weekend promotion you don’t want to tell people about it on a Monday when they are likely to forget about it. Likewise if you are offering a special price on a food delivery on a specific day, you want people to know about it a couple of days in advance at the earliest.  

Devon Leaflet Distribution
Devon Leaflet Distribution
Devon Leaflet Distribution

How To Make An Impact With Your Flyers

 Nothing comes close to door drop marketing as it enables you to literally place your information in the hands of a potential customer. Another plus is that the only limit placed on the creativity of your leaflet is your imagination. You want a flyer that grabs the attention of the householder, engages them, and urges them to respond. You must, however, be in possession of a clear object and not try to cram too much info on to one flyer. Carefully choose the colours, the size, the format and the font in order to capture the attention. Be bold with your name, brand recognition is vital and should be on both the back and front as you have no idea which way up your flyer will land. Keep your message clear and concise, there is such a thing as too much info. Any design should be in keeping with your type of business what works best for a florist will not be suitable for a fast food joint.

Hopefully by the time you have reached here you will have a totally different outlook on how a leaflet delivery campaign can work for you. There are certain questions, however, that you should ask any leaflet distribution company before engaging their services.

Are the staff vetted?
Do they have proven reliability?
Is there a training programme in place to ensure your leaflet arrives in pristine condition?
Do they have references you can follow up?
Do they employ a follow up service to ensure leaflets have been delivered?
Are they a long established company?
Do they have real customer reviews?

Here at Devon Leaflets the answer to all of the questions above is YES. Some of these questions may sound unnecessary, but at the end of the day the best designed leaflet in the world in the wrong hands will not give you the impact you were hoping for. Better to deal with a professional proven company like us, than someone who may just drop your precious flyers in the nearest rubbish bin. The company you employ to distribute your leaflets are the link between your flyer and your customers. Cutting corners here is simply not worth it.


The Leaflet Distribution Chain

  There are several people involved in your leaflet drop campaign. The first one is you. It is your business being promoted and you call all the shots. Then there is the company who prints your leaflets which could be us. Always go with quality over price as spelling mistakes and blurred images will have your flyer heading straight for the bin. Next up is the distribution company which could be us who will take your leaflets and drop them through the doors of the area you have chosen or direct in to potential customers hands.

Many business use us and they agree that you have the best possible chance of success from your leaflet distribution campaign by us Devon Leaflets

Devon Leaflet Distribution
Devon Leaflet Distribution

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